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Enzymes Incorporated began as Environmental Process Technologies (EPT) in 1993.  The mission was to help companies maintain a compliant industrial process through air emissions and wastewater discharge management and control.  By helping customers become environmentally compliant, EPT improved the ecological future of area communities through waste minimization, pollution prevention and control.  From environmental consulting and design engineering of air pollution control and wastewater treatment systems, to implementation of customized systems and software, EPT developed complete solutions for some of the most challenging pollution situations.

EPT developed an AOP (advanced oxidation process) using ozone and hydrogen peroxide to treat industrial wastewater.  This process rapidly destroys aromatic hydrocarbons and most other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) within a very dynamic wastewater stream.  The treatment system is extremely efficient and the end products of the complex reactions are carbon dioxide and water.  The AOP system is the basic foundation upon which our current products are built.  Some reactions triggered by enzymes produce end products of carbon dioxide and water as well.

Enzymes, Inc. began in 2003 as a distributor of eco-friendly enzyme based cleaning products.  Since 2003 the company has become an innovator, formulator and manufacturer of “green” earth friendly cleaners, odor control products and remediation products for the petrochemical refinery market.

Our ongoing commitment is the continued research, development and marketing of safe and effective cleaning products for a better ecological future and a truly cleaner world.





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