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Environmentally Friendly
Are gentle on users, equipment & facility. Do not contain harsh chemicals.
Are corrosive on equipment, facility & users. Contain harsh chemicals.
Environmentally Friendly
Are non-Toxic, pH neutral, readily biodegradable & environmentally friendly. As gentle on the planet
as they are on people.
Are toxic, extremely harmful to the environment & not readily biodegradable.
Very low or high buffered pH.
Environmentally Friendly
Do not contribute to the production of greenhouse gases.
Contribute to the production of greenhouse gases and ozone layer destruction.
Environmentally Friendly
Work by destroying grease and grime at the surface.
Etch, strip and damage surfaces.
Environmentally Friendly
Are very concentrated for easy handling, shipping & storage.
Get 20-50 uses per unit or more!
Are not concentrated & may contain up to 90% water.
One use per container
and very wasteful




Environmentally Friendly

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