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ClearPrep works great in ultrasonic cleaners, for manual cleaning procedures, and as a pre-soak solution. ClearPrep dissolves and destroys organic debris to clean evacuation lines, cuspidors and saliva ejectors. ClearPrep performs effective cleansing of suction tools and endoscopes including catheters and raspatories; cysto, hystero, laparo, and resectoscopes. When used as directed ClearPrep provides easy, effective and efficient cleaning performance.

> Triple Enzyme formula for maximum performance

> pH neutral, non toxic, non hazardous and 100% biodegradable

> Safe to use on all medical, dental and surgical equipment

> Works great on all tools, including stainless steel

You do not have to sacrifice value or performance to do your part for the environment. Our commitment to “green” means you receive the best product to clean up your mess without messing up the environment. Step away from the old has-been products and move forward with our new progressive products and responsibly satisfy your cleaning needs. Discover the Enzyme today! Our triple enzyme formula is safe, effective, and easy to use. There are no harmful toxic ingredients, dyes or fragrances. Our natural enzymes and mild surfactants are better for the environment.


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