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ClearClean parts wash is a 100% natural mixed enzyme product that is specifically formulated to rapidly destroy oils, greases, lubricants and other organic contaminats that are typically present in automated part wash applications.

Because of a very efficient bio-oxidation process that occurs, metals and plastic parts can be washed without the use of conventional soaps or heated wash water. ClearClean parts wash can be used in immersion or conveyance type parts washer systems. ClearClean will not adversely affect the integrity of any metal component and is totally compatable with all valves, pumps and filtration equipment.

After initiating a metered dosing regime of ClearClean, riser manifold and spray nozzle assemblies will remain free of organic residues, resulting in a minimal amount of maintenance.

ClearClean is non-toxic, non hazardous, non-irritating and is 100% biodegradable. It is completely non-flammable and can be used in almost any aqueous environment where the pH is between five and nine. Due to the enzymatic activity breaking down the hydrocarbon chain molecules or any organic contaminants, wash water and rinse water do not require extensive wastewater pretreatment, unlike other parts wash cleaners.


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