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ClearClean Train Wash is an aqueous bio-surfactant solution introduced by Enzymes, Inc. to provide a high level of lubricity and superb cleaning performance in all train wash applications. ClearClean's unique formula disperses and removes difficult break dust residue in addition to conventional dirt.

As ClearClean is rinsed into wastewater collection trenches and holding tanks, it continues to destroy oil, grease, and fuel contaminants that are typically present in train wash wastewater. Additionally, the bacteria responsible for septic odors in reclaim pits are eliminated.

ClearClean Train Wash is a highly concentrated liquid that is mixed with tap water at a 0.08% solution. One ounce of ClearClean makes 10 gallons of ready-to-use wash solution. Water quality is of no consequence to performance.

ClearClean is nontoxic, nonflammable, and is usable in any aqueous type environment. ClearClean has no adverse effects on metals, glass, or plastic components and is totally compatible will all filtration equipment, pumps, and valves.

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