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Frequently Asked Questions

> How do I use BlingClean®?

Simply add one cap-full of BlingClean concentrate to the empty jewelry jar and fill with water. Yes, it really is that easy.

> How is BlingClean® different from other jewelry cleaners?

BlingClean jewelry cleaner is the most unique jewelry cleaner available. This natural enzyme formula actually breaks down and destroys the contaminants on your jewelry. And, unlike other jewelry cleaning products, once your solution becomes dirty you do not have to buy more. Just dump out the old solution, add a cap full of BlingClean concentrate and fill with water. One BlingClean kit makes 30 jars of jewelry cleaner.

> Is BlingClean® safe to use?

BlingClean is as safe to use as water. BlingClean does not contain any abrasives, acids, alcohol, ammonia, or any other harsh chemicals.

> Is BlingClean® economical?

Simply put...YES. When used as directed, one BlingClean kit will make 30 jars of jewelry cleaner. With other jewelry cleaners costing around $5 for one jar, it would cost about $150 to purchase 30 jars.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

> Jewelry Cleaning Tips

  • Using a soft toothbrush during cleaning will ensure all crevices and surfaces of your jewelry will be clean

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can actually scratch your jewelry.

  • Avoid using products containing ammonia, as they will remove the polish on stones such as malachite, turquoise and coral.

  • Never clean opals or emeralds in an ultrasonic cleaner; they can crack opals and remove oil treatments from emeralds.

  • After cleaning, use a soft, clean cloth to dry your jewelry (100% cotton works best).

  • Do not use dishwashing soap or household cleaners to wash your jewelry, as they can permanently damage your jewelry.

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Did you know...

Most jewelry experts recommend a weekly cleaning of diamonds and other fine jewelry to maintain their luster and appearance.

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