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Frequently Asked Questions

> How is ClearClean® Vehicle Wash different from other products?

ClearClean Vehicle Wash employs the bio-surfactant synergy of a select group of enzymes paired with a gentle, pH neutral, blend of cosurfactants. This combination produces a tremendous amount of cleaning power. ClearClean is 100% biodegradable, and does not contain any harsh chemicals. ClearClean is safe for you, your vehicle, and the environment.

> Why doesn't ClearClean® suds like other products?

With conventional car wash products, the cleaning action is done by the soap. When using an enzyme based product, suds have absolutely no impact on cleaning performance. The cleaning action is enhanced by the enzymes and naturally present bacteria, not the harsh chemical detergents as in other products.

> Why don't I need to pre-soak my entire vehicle before washing?

When using ClearClean Vehicle Wash, pre-rinsing the entire vehicle is a waste of time and water. Because ClearClean does not suds like a soap-based product, it will be much more difficult to see the areas you have already cleaned. It is only necessary to pre-rinse the areas of your vehicle that have a heavy build up of soil, mud, salt and snow.

> Is ClearClean® safe for me and my vehicle's surface?

Yes. ClearClean will not damage painted surfaces or vehicle parts.

> Why should I use ClearClean® instead of common household cleaners?

Household cleaning products contain harsh chemical detergents that may damage your vehicle. These household cleaners were not formulated to be used on vehicles. In some cases these cleaners will oxidize and damage the paint finish. Plastic parts such as trim, molding, bumpers and even tires can be damaged.

> Is ClearClean® Vehicle Wash economical to use?

Yes. 1/2 oz. of ClearClean makes 5 gallons of ready-to-use wash solution. That means just one 16 oz. bottle of ClearClean Vehicle Wash makes over 150 gallons of wash solution (when used as directed).

Vehicle Cleaning Tips

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    > Vehicle Cleaning Tips

      • For best results be sure vehicle is cool and out of direct sunlight.

      • Only pre-rinse areas with heavy soil, mud, salt and snow.

      • Use a soft vehicle brush, hand mitt or sponge.

      • Working from top to bottom, wash one section of the vehicle at a time.

      • ClearClean Vehicle Wash will produce a just waxed shine after 2-3 washes.
        If wax is desired use synthetic wax only, do not use Carnauba wax.

      • Do not use dishwashing soap or household cleaners to wash your vehicle,
        they contain harsh detergents that can damage paint

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Did you know...
The International Carwash Association (ICA), headquartered in Chicago, IL, recommends frequent washing (every 10 days) to help eliminate the problems of acid rain and keep your vehicle looking new.

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