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Wastewater Treatment

Enzymes Incorporated provides solutions for wastewater treatment. Enzymes are commonly used in addition to viable bacterial and nutrient products to destroy hazardous organic waste chemistries in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our company can assess contaminate loading and determine cost-effective pathways to its elimination.

For more information about our wastewater treatment programs you can contact us here or call (877) 436-9462.


Enzymes Incorporated has made sustainability a cernterpiece of its business strategy. The goal of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This means that we pursue the long-term viability and progress of our business while taking responsibility for improving the environmental, economic and social conditions resulting from our work.

Producing sustainable eco-friendly products
Since the company was first started, our products have replaced chemicals with environmentally friendly bio-products. As technology has advanced, Enzymes Incorporated has been at the forefront of expanding our technology platforms and products to enable a growing bio-based economy.

Our efforts are creating cutting edge cost effective products in the area of bio-cleaning products. As an example, our VWA enzyme washing agent that was developed for a major U.S. shipping company has replaced conventional detergents for their vehicle wash applications. The VWA product enhances vehicle appearance, reduces material costs while minimizing environmental impact.




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